New club rally against Sexual Violence

Jeremy Emberton, Staff Writer

Sexual violence has been a hot topic in the news lately, as many celebrities and government officials have been under scrutiny for accusations of sexual violence and impropriety. The men and women of this country have been taking a stand against sexual abuse. Similarly, even students in Manhattan High have been getting involved and raising their voices. 

A new interest group, Students Against Sexual Violence, has been formed by students who are concerned about the issue. 

“We want to see change and we want to provoke that change,” junior Megan Emery said.

SASV isn’t the only organization Emery is part of, because she is also a member of Red Cross Club, Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society and Interact. The difference with SASV, she said, is that it’s all about activism.

”We want to see change and we want to provoke that change,” Emery said.

Her co-president, junior Kristin Kolasheski, said the purpose of the interest group is to be informative. 

“We are focused on building awareness of sexual violence, particularly at the high school level, educating people and hopefully giving them guidance,” she said.

They are not alone. The entire club, Kolasheski said, is following the Gen Z trend of working to make a real difference, in this case towards preventing sexual violence. The youth of the nation has always been one of the most active groups in social issues. The voice they lend towards activism has made a real impact. 

Activism is important, Emery said, because it is “being passionate about something and taking part in something to change something.”

“Standing up for what you believe in,” Kolasheski said to define activism. “If you mean that I support causes I believe in, then yes, specifically with SASV.”

Emery and Kolasheski also gave advice for people afraid to speak up. 

“If you’re really passionate about something, just think about the outcome you could get from it, and I think that’ll inspire you enough to be brave enough to speak out,” Emery said. 

“It is important to stay true to yourself and try even if you can’t succeed,” Kolasheski said.