• November 6Democratic Sen. Laura Kelly defeats Kobach in gubernatorial race.

  • November 4Boys soccer coach Frank Alonso passes away

Leah Beyer
Leah Beyer enjoys spending time with her six siblings, playing soccer and doing anything creative. Not only is she a Mentor staff writer, she is also the Blue M academic editor. Her favorite type of story to cover is a feature because you are allowed more creative thinking in your writing. For the Blue M, Leah designs graphics and writes stories while also laying out page spreads. Leah is an officer for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and a member of National Honor Society (NHS). She plans to continue her education at Kansas State University after graduating high school. Pursuing a degree in education.

Her pride and joy is her beta fish named Paddleboat. The origin of the name stems from a memory long ago of falling into her grandparent’s pond out of a paddleboat. This past summer, her father gave her the opportunity to earn the responsibility of taking care of a pet fish by catching a fish out of the same pond and throwing it back in by herself. Once she completed this and earned her fish, she named it in honor of the trauma she experienced from that paddleboat many years ago. To this day, her fish has survived for a long two months and they have made many memories together. Including a near death experience for “Paddy” when Leah’s younger brother almost tipped over the glass tank.

Leah Beyer, Staff Writer

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