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New U.S. History class offers new opportunities

Students will have a new college-credit option for meeting their U.S. History requirement beginning next year. Manhattan Area Technical College is offering the course at Manhattan High. Next year, however, a new class will be offered, a U.S. History class offered by MATC.

With the classes the highschool already has, there are certain ones that are required by the school in order to graduate. Those classes include credits of math, science, english, social studies, fine arts, physical education and electives. Alongside all of these required classes, students can do a variety of things.

The new MATC US History class counts not only towards your high school credit hours but also guarantees hours in many colleges, no AP exam necessary.

The class will be offered through MATC and taught by Todd Stewart, who currently teaches US History.

“… [Stewart]  does have master level classes in US History,” Social Studies department head Amy Doering said. “That’s why we asked him to teach the class and he was already interested in teaching it even before we asked him.”  

Assuming students pass the class, they will receive their high school credit hours and three hours of college credit for each semester they are in the class. These college hours apply to all Kansas schools and should qualify for most out of state schools.

The class will be taught at the college level so students who take it must be prepared to work hard.

“I think students just need to make sure they understand it is a college level class and so the requirements are going to be higher,” Doering said. “Even though you’re getting the high school level credit, they definitely need to be informed that it is a college level class.”

With this said students need to be mindful of which class they choose to participate in, the MATC class or the AP one.
“I would recommend that kids really look to see what they want to get out of a US history class. Because I still think the AP US history class is still an important class.” Doering said. “It really kind of depends on the kid of what they want. I think it kind of AP serves one purpose, and MATC serves another. So it’s just for the kids to decide what’s going to be best for them.”

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