2017-2018 Staff

Jacob Clanton

Print Editor-in-Chief

Jacob Clanton is the Print Editor-in-Chief of the Manhattan High School Newspaper “The Mentor”.  Currently a senior, he started writing three years ago when he took the intro classes for journalism. Clanton loves sport...

Megan Klug

Blue M Editor-in-Chief

Megan Klug, a senior at Manhattan High School, is the editor-in-chief for the school yearbook.  She has been a part of the Manhattan High School Mentor staff for almost four years.  She is very committed to working fo...

John Ostermann

Online Editor-in-Chief

John Ostermann is the online editor-in-chief of Manhattan High School’s newspaper, The Mentor. Last year there was a vacancy. The mentor needed an online editor-in-chief, and John, heroically decided he would accept the quest....

Dylan Higgins

Business Manager

Elizabeth Alexander

Trending Editor

Elizabeth Alexander is the Trending editor for The Mentor. She is currently a senior at Manhattan High School and this year marks her second year on the newspaper staff. Her duties for The Mentor include page designing, writing...

Meredith Comas

Opinions Editor

Sophia Comas

Features Editor

Kaitlin Clark

Entertainment Editor

Kaitlin Clark, junior, is the managing editor for the Blue M yearbook and Entertainment Editor of The Mentor. This is Kaitlin’s first year on staff.  She was born on March 3rd, 2001 in Manhattan, Kansas, where she has grown up ...

Micheal Simmons

Sports Editor

Micheal Simmons has been on staff for two years. As a sophomore, Simmons has already taken on the responsibility of being the Blue M sports editor and the Mentor sports editor. Micheal is planning on being on staff for the remai...

Makenna Wollenberg

Online Photo Editor

Makenna Wollenburg is an Online photo editor for The Mentor. She is in her second year of being on The Mentor and Blue M staff and last year she was a photographer for the Blue M and Newspaper.  Makenna is a junior at Manhattan...

Aaron Hemby

Print Photo Editor

Aaron Hemby is a senior photo editor for the Manhattan high school newspaper. Aaron started photography his eighth grade year but did not join The Mentor staff until his junior year of high school. Aaron became the print photo ed...

MaKenna Eilert

Blue M Photo Editor

MaKenna Eilert enjoys spending time riding horses, watching netflix and Big Brother and taking photos at sporting events. She is the Blue M photo editor and has many responsibilities which include organizing photo shoots, pullin...

Kami Bussmann

Staff Writer

Kamryn, Kami, Bussmann is a designer for the yearbook staff. She is a sophomore at MHS and this is her first year on staff. Since she wants to be an interior designer later in life she thought it would be fun to become familiar...

Leah Beyer

Staff Writer

Leah Beyer enjoys spending time with her six siblings, playing soccer and doing anything creative. Not only is she a Mentor staff writer, she is also the Blue M academic editor. Her favorite type of story to cover is a feature ...

Mason Alberto

Staff Writer

Mason Alberto works for the Blue M yearbook and is a staff writer for The Mentor at Manhattan High. He is a sophomore and is 15 years old. This year is his first year on staff and so far his favorite thing has been attending KSPA a...

Aloera Ostermann

Staff Writer

Aloera Ostermann is a sophomore who is partaking in her first year being on yearbook staff. She wants to be an interior designer after she graduates because she likes art and thinks it’s cool to be able to put images from h...

Alyssa Stevens

Staff Writer

Alyssa Stevens is a Manhattan High Sophomore who enjoys writing, reading, theater, and making others happy. Alyssa takes Spanish, Advanced English, Geometry, Cultural Awareness, Digital media design Production, Drama, Anatomy, an...

Savannah Cherms

Staff Writer

Savannah Cherms is a senior at Manhattan High School. This is her fourth year in MHS publications. Cherms is currently a staff writer for The Mentor. Cherms previously served as the Trending Editor on the 2016-17 Mentor. Cherms...

Maddy Gleason

Staff Writer

Maddy Gleason, junior, is a staff writer for the Blue M yearbook. This is her first year on staff.  Maddy currently works at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and likes to hike, paint, and do yoga in her free time. She also makes time ...

Leej Aguilar


Leej has been on the photography team since the beginning of the school year. He joined the team due to his passion in photography and digital media. Some of his hobbies include playing video games, and working with electronics. H...

Dylan Thomas


Dylan Thomas is a Manhattan High senior and Varsity captain soccer player. Dylan was born in November of 1999 and is the oldest of his two younger brothers. Dylan has been on staff for a total of three years, two of which being...

Lauren Race


Lauren Race is a Manhattan High Senior and plays soccer for the Manhattan High Girls Soccer Team. She has been on staff for three years. The first year she was a photographer, for her second year she was the photo editor of the...

Hailey Eilert


Hailey Eilert is a sophomore who has been a staff photographer for two years. Hailey takes pictures for both the Blue M and The Mentor. One of her very serious hopes for the publication is to become one of the photo editors for ei...

Destiny Williams

Video Production

Destiny Williams is a senior video film editor for the project management and video production team. She got into media classes her freshman year and has wanted to expand her horizons and join staff with video production. When she...

Duncan O'Brate

Video Production

Duncan O’Brate is a junior at Manhattan High School. He is a part of the journalism department’s video production team. O’Brate enjoys using his editing talents to benefit others. This being the first year on staff, O’Br...

Wolfgang Schrag

Video Production

From a young age, senior Wolfgang Schrag has had a passion for video. This passion has grown into a passion for design, one that he expresses through videos. Schrag joined staff at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, a...

Sonia Manly

Video Production

Lukas Lengele

Video Production

Lukas is a member of video production staff. He spends most of time mainly filming for video, but he participates in the editing process also. He spends some time at sporting events taking pictures and walking around, but definit...

Jonah Evarts

Staff Writer

Jonah Everts is a hard working man, working for the newspaper as the Sports Editor, managing the sports page and often times, writing stories for it. Even now, he is currently working on a story for the loveable game, soccer. ...

Maiesha Hossain

Staff Writer

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