The Mentor

The Mentor

Manhattan needs nicer tennis facilities

Jonathan Grove, Videographer March 1, 2021

The temperatures are getting warmer, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the harsh winter conditions are fading. With the spring season officially here, Manhattan High is about to kick off it’s first...

Government funding should be more accessible for students

Katya Tarabrina, Opinions Editor February 25, 2021

Once you’re in high school, it feels like this is the worst it will get. Piles of homework, expectations from parents and teachers which are almost impossible to meet and the fear of not measuring up...

America works too hard

Kris Long, Sports Editor February 25, 2021

In France, a law making it illegal to eat lunch at your desk was recently repealed to allow for better social distancing. The decision was met with outrage by many. Critics balked at the idea of workers...

Homecoming traditions should change

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor February 25, 2021

Selecting for a student king and queen to represent our school is a tradition that was continued last week with a vote during Advisory to select our choices as winter Homecoming royalty.  Voting...

College eats up student’s money

Jacob Streeter, Videographer February 11, 2021

College, the ever growing waste of money that keeps getting more and more expensive while offering less and less. For years the price has increased, far outpacing the national inflation rate. At this point,...

Student led conferences don’t need to be a formal event

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor February 11, 2021

At almost a month through each semester, Manhattan High School holds student-led conferences for grades 9-12. These conferences are mainly for checking grades, schedules and following up on what students’...

Standing or Sitting for the Pledge?

Reece Bunning, Videographer February 11, 2021

Should you really be sitting for the Pledge of Allegiance or stand for the country you live in?  When you start school, you are taught to say the pledge of allegiance from preschool to senior year...

Enabling introverted behavior needs to stop

Brianna Carmack, Print Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2021

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone use the phrase “I’m an introvert” to get out of something, I’d probably be on a yacht relaxing off the coast of Florida… after the pandemic, of...

Mahomes will be greatest of all time

Cole Schmitt, Online Editor-in-Chief February 3, 2021

Many debate the topic of who is the GOAT -- greatest of all time -- in terms of National Football League quarterbacks. Names such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Drew...

What is the COVID-19 vaccine? Should we trust it

Beau Boyles , Videographer February 3, 2021

We all know the COVID-19 vaccine is out, but is it really safe? In my belief, yes it is, as it has already been used on thousands of people, so it must be safe.  There have been five stages in...

Current amount of school is unneeded

Koston Peterson, Podcast Editor February 3, 2021

The current amount of school that have to attend is unneeded, as it tires them out. Going to school five seven-hour days a week is unnecessary. I believe students could still accomplish the same academic...

USD 383 board should make decisions based on facts, not complaints

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor February 3, 2021

The USD 383 school district experienced its first snow day of the 2020-2021 school year on Jan. 25. the district canceled school because of possible snow and freezing rain in the future forecast, but,...

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