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New math classes to come to MHS

Students next year will have three new classes to gain college credit are coming to Manhattan High School.

The dual credit courses with Manhattan Area Technical College include Technical Math I, Technical Math II and Elementary Statistics.

For students who want to further their post-secondary education or plan to go to a technical college these classes will help to get some requirements out of the way and get those college credits.

Technical Math I and Technical Math II are below college algebra level classes. The students will have to end up paying tuition for these classes. But they become transferable and can transfer out to any college if they plan on attending a college in the future.

These classes are here to give the students more options and a wider range of classes for the students to take in the future.

“[The purpose of switching classes is] to provide more options, if they’re similar in contents, which they are because we’re reviewing basic skills, we’re doing a lot of the concepts are exactly the same as they’re doing Intermediate Algebra,” math teacher Ted Dawdy said. “If they’re not quite ready to go on to Algebra II, these two classes hopefully refurbishing and remediate some of the skills that they were a little bit lacking on.”

There is a class being replaced with these other classes coming in. Intermediate Algebra is being replaced by these new classes since it teaches the same information.

The new classes are each a semester long. Elementary Statistics is a core class so students won’t get a college credit for that class.

“If they take Tech Math II and two then they can get college credit for it if they want,” Dawdy said. “But the only reason they would need to get college credit for would be if they knew they were transferring, they’re going to be going to a technical college like Beloit or any of the other technical schools here in Kansas.”


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