Two new additions to Business pathway expand student options

This semester, two new courses were added into the Business pathway. Business Communications is being taught at Manhattan High for the first time, along with Internet Marketing, which is a class that after having been removed from the roster a few years ago, has now come back.

At this time, these classes are only being taught at the West Campus.  

“I’m really excited about teaching [Business Communications & Internet Marketing],” said Paige McCarthy, business teacher in her 20th year at MHS..

“It’s for… students that really want to work in a business setting.” McCarthy said.

Internet Marketing teaches kids about how companies are using social media in order to advertise their businesses.

“Internet Marketing has been offered a few years ago but we’ve just never had interest, so we tried it again.” McCarthy said. “Hopefully it will go over well.” The class is using a modern-type textbook.

“We’ve got a textbook that is very student friendly and a simulation that’s going to emulate if they were working for a business,” McCarthy said. “How many times would they tweet a day and what kind of social media would they use to hit a certain target audience so I think it will be very beneficial.”

Her other new class, Business Communications, focuses on how to use  language in a business setting. It is for anybody who wants to work in a professional business. They will learn writing, grammar, word usage and how to present.

It is available for MHS credit and/or Manhattan Technical College credit.

“They get credit for high school and MATC. [If they want to take this as a MATC credit] they have to pay tuition,” McCarthy said.

For more information about these classes during enrollment for upcoming semester, visit McCarthy in C-122.

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