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Thurston Rogers

Thurston Rogers, Staff Writer

Thurston Rogers, sophomore, is brand new to journalism. He is 15 years old and enjoys video editing and digital art, which he has also done in his spare time for five years. 

He hopes to use his talents here at Manhattan High School, where he is enrolled in 21st Century Journalism.

As an aspiring videogame designer, Rogers likes more vibrant and versatile things in life, such as the color pink and the movie Wall-E. Like his taste in colors, he seems to be looking towards a bright future.

Rogers joined Journalism simply because it sounded fun -- that, and the environment. 

“Just the community,” Rogers said. “The people around. I think they’re going to be nice people.” 

Joining journalism is a step out of Rogers’ comfort zone, as he is incredibly shy.

“Group projects are the worst thing ever for me,” Rogers said.

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