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Happy and Healthy

Health issues at Manhattan High widespread

In this series, The Mentor addresses certain aspects of health with the intent to bring awareness towards relevance and possible methods of treatment. 

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Inside ‘the pill’

Eating disorders bigger than they seem

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

When she was in the fifth grade, she first got her eating disorder because she was teased by classmates about her size and told by adults that she “was really fat for a fifth grader.” She didn’t get help until two years later when her concerned mother took her to a therapist after noticing the change in her weight. Her friends were supportive, when they knew how to be, though some left be...

Staff sends support through letters

Tara Wood, Staff Writer

Members of the school staff have been showing love for long-time staff member administrative assistant Vanessa Hope by writing her letters of support and inspiration to help her through her battle with multiple sclerosis. “She's just having difficulty finding a doctor that is finding a good treatment regimen for her. So she's struggling with medication right now,” principal Greg Hoyt said. “...

A sword of positivity

Ayden Boyles, Staff Writer

Kim Ott, a social sciences teacher at Manhattan High, has been battling many different health problems throughout the years, though she always finds a way to remain positive and laugh her way through these battles. Her first major health problem was Vestibular Neuritis, which is the inflammation of nerves inside the ear that connect to the brain. Vestibular Neuritis targets the vestibular nerve...

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