Anime club hosts Halloween party

Madison Ritz, Staff Writer

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While getting to know each other, Anime Club put on a Halloween party Oct.31.

Anime Club is a group that allows people who like anime to come together and get to know each other, knowing that they have the same interests.

“It’s a safe place for people to like what they like, talk about what they like and find new friends that like what they like.” senior Ana Mackay said. “It’s like connecting to other people with the same things that we like.”

On Halloween, Anime club got together and had a Halloween party to celebrate the holiday, and get to know each other in special education teacher Tiffany Stevenson’s room “We played games, like board games and card games like apples to apples,” Mackay said. “We had a bunch of food, so we … sat around and talked to each other. Since it’s still near the beginning of first semester, people still don’t really know each other.”

Their Halloween party isn’t the only event they’ll be putting on this year for the seasonal parties. They’ll also be putting on a Christmas party.

“Some people came dressed up, so it was like … a dress party,” Mackay said.

As the year goes on, more and more members are joining their club. There were about 30 people that attended this event on Halloween.

“There were some newer members that starting showing up to the club about two weeks prior.” said Mackay. “But it was pretty much the same consistent members.”

As an edition to the events the Anime Club hosts, Mackay agrees that this year’s Halloween party went well as planned.

“I think it went pretty well, there wasn’t anyone upset or disputes of any sort.” said Mackay. “Everyone was having fun, they all engaged each other and there wasn’t any trouble at all,”


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