Choir performs at middle schools, raises awareness of performing arts courses

Emma Elliott, Staff Writer

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Manhattan High’s Chamber Choir visited Eisenhower and Anthony middle school on Friday to illicit interest in enrolling for the class.

The choir students were excused from third through seventh hours to perform in the gymnasium at each school.

The singers chose to perform a musical theater medley from the Serenade performance, which was put on at MHS the night before, as well as a song from the fall semester.

“We go there every year so they can see their options,” Logan Linenburger, junior, said, “and what electives they can take in the performing arts.”

Due to the timing and location, this performance can be strenuous for students.

The singers are often tired due to the fact it is after Serenade, and some must perform sick due to the cold winter weather, said Chad Pope, choir director. However, choir students rose to the challenge and put on their best show.

“Despite the strange circumstances, they did great,” Pape said.

The middle school students and high school students alike found the show enjoyable.

“It wasn’t as prestigious [as Serenade], like we were in our MHS shirts and everything,” Grace Franke, senior, said. “But it was fun.”

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