Violin performance leads to more orchestra funding for following year

Katya Tarabrina, Staff Writer

On Wednesday junior Allen Zhang recited violin music at the K-State All-Faiths Chapel to raise money for the Manhattan High School Performing Arts orchestra.

“Allen is a tremendous musician so the music of course went well,” said Nate McClendon, director of orchestras and Blue Notes Jazz ensemble.

Zhang is an ENKOR International prize winner, Kansas All-State Concertmaster and Koch Cultural Trust Recipient.
“Being able to play for people in the community was nice,” Zhang said.

The pieces that were performed were Bach Sonata In G Minor, Mozart Sonata in B-flat Major, Beethoven Sonata in G Major, Paganini Caprice no. 9, Sibelius Violin Concerto, Amy Beach Romance and Kreisler Recitativo Und Scherzo-Caprice.
“What’s interesting for me is always the human aspect of things and knowing what people would think and how they’re feeling,” McClendon said. “Watching the audience watch him, cause he’s such an amazing musician, it was fun to watch the other people watch him.”

According to McClendon, about 150-200 people were there. The admission was free for anybody who wanted to attend. Students, teachers and people from the community gathered in the chapel to enjoy his performance.

“What was really neat was to see the support for people to come out and attend his recital,” McClendon said.

After the performance, Zhang donated the proceeds to the orchestra department, and plans to get others in orchestra to do it as well.
“I’ll try to get other people to do it too [in the future],” Zhang said. “I think it’s helpful.”