Documentary depicts life of young activist Greta Thunburg

Katya Tarabrina, Blue M EIC

Many teenagers have a lot of opinions about life and government which never get heard. Little boys and girls everywhere get silenced everyday due to the misconception that they don’t quite get it. Recently released documentary called “I Am Greta”, which can be watched on Hulu, shows the journey of a teenage girl who did the impossible and broke this societal standard. 

Greta Thunberg, born in Stockholm Sweden, is a 17-year-old girl who stopped at nothing to get her voice heard. At the young age of 15, she started a strike, which lasted two weeks in order to protest against the government’s emission levels, which were at an astronomical high. Thunburg  was just one girl, but by standing up in that moment, she gained many followers — children and adults all over the world, who wanted to see a real change happen. 

Quickly, she started calling out other world leaders on their false promises and hypocrisy. Her discoveries were shocking. She found out that most of the leaders had no idea about a lot of the facts she presented them with, and the worst part was, they showed no concern nor did they see it as a crisis like she did. They didn’t see it as a crisis like she did. Even her parents in the beginning had no idea what the facts really were, but they came around and were supportive in the end. 

The way this documentary was filmed, it followed Thunburg since she was a 15 year old. Showing her going to several meetings with political figures, her journeys all around Europe, and her contributions to several protests. 

Filming her as events were happening, instead of covering events far in the past, was very interesting and not very common for documentaries. You actually got to follow her journey and see her become more and more known to the world. It wasn’t a sit-down-and-explain type of documentary, you actually get to see her progress with her movement during the time it was happening. 

I thought this was a very powerful documentary about a very fascinating girl. I really enjoyed the feeling that it gave me to see a little girl with a dream blossom into a powerful woman. Thunburg’s impact on the world is everlasting, and it certainly will be present in history books. 

This documentary showed a really touching journey of this little girl. And the journey isn’t even over yet. Many individuals all over the world, on all continents except for Antarctica, have joined her protest in “School Strike for Climate.” However, the government in many cases is still not listening to the massive emergency which is climate change. Many still consider it a hoax. But she will not stop at anything until she sees a real change occur. And that is what is the most inspiring to so many people all over the world. Her pursuit to stop at nothing.