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Creativity in Hollywood Declines


Most of the movies coming out this year aren’t anything new. We all have favorite movies that we wouldn’t mind there being a sequel to. But it can begin to feel over-rot with the amount of times studios will make sequels.

These movies are beloved because they brought something new to the table and the audience deeply resonated with it. But adding more moving parts to an already bullet-proof movie loses its initial charm and widens the gap of the relationship we have with it. A lot of the time, follow-ups are a very obvious and quick cash-grab.

It’s worth noting that there’s been a decrease in creativity when it comes to producing new films. Half the newer stuff is repeating several movies that have already been created.

Two recent examples of this are Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla” and Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis.” Two separate movies that go hand in hand. While this is upsetting from an artistic perspective, it makes complete sense from a business perspective. Companies are less likely to lose money if they continue to make remakes, and it’s almost a gamble by making new and original movies.

I think the main issue comes from people who work behind the scenes. If creative directors aren’t working towards new and original ideas, there’s going to be much less of them. However, this makes me rethink the whole purpose of movies and media in general. If so much of the media we consume on a daily basis is only there to serve as a tool for profit with little to no creative boundary pushing, what’s the point of it all?

What can we do to stop this lack of creativity? One thing we can do to see a rise in original content is to mainly support original content. Lately I’ve heard many people say they’re tired of seeing the same movies over and over again, so we should do something about it. The only real reason as to why we’re seeing so many remakes is because of the revenue major companies are generating. “If a movie is successful, why not further that success?” is the logic. We need to take this logic but apply it to original movies.

The entertainment industry’s job is to give the people what they want. If the pendulum swings and Hollywood executives start noticing that people want original movies, then they’ll listen to us.

It’s become evident that movies hold an important value in our lives. In a world that pushes for division, movies are one of the few things that can really bring us all together. They serve as an escape from reality or even a time vessel that brings us back to a feeling or situation that we know all too well.

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