Students party it up at SubDeb

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Students party it up at SubDeb

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

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Unique and different ways to invite dates to the annual SubDeb dance were common over recent weeks for girls at Manhattan High.

The “Sadie Hawkins” dance always has the girls ask the guys to attend the dance, which is sponsored by the SubDeb committee, a group of high school girls ages sophomores through seniors. After being initiated into the local group, the girls plan and prepare the dance, which raises money for local charities.

To make their “ask” memorable, girls commonly use anything from puns to old memories in the process. Junior Katie Nelson asked her date, Cooper Blanck with a sign saying “hey Coop, what’s the scoop…wanna kick-it @SubDeb” using a rhyme with his name and a pun to his favorite sport, soccer, to make her sign unique to him.


This year the theme of the dance, chosen by the SubDeb Committee, was Party Like Gatsby. The committee decked out the Kansas State Alumni center in old decorations that correlated with the theme of The Great Gatsby. The dance itself lasted for three hours and consisted of lots of picture taking, water drinking and carefree dancing. The parents of the girls in the SubDeb committee helped keep the cups filled and the snacks layed out for any student in need of a drink or a treat. All of this led to a night to remember for many local students.

”I loved the way they had endless water,” Nelson said. “I needed that.”

For the most part everyone had a good time, but the dance floor was a little too constricting for some students resulting in some people who weren’t wearing shoes getting their toes stepped on. Some students even wished that they would have brought different shoes to prevent this from happening.

“I would go again but I would definitely bring different shoes,” sophomore Maggie Fontanini said.

But in the end, most decided they can endure a little pain compared to the amount of fun that comes out of the night.

The length of the dance was plenty of time for people to have fun and be themselves but the time of the dance could’ve been moved to slightly earlier. The dance started at 9 p.m. and ended at midnight, leaving some awkward time between dinner, which people usually ate around 7, and the dance itself.

“I think the length is good,” junior Vincent Fontanini said, “but it should be set one hour earlier than it is.”

“Our reservation was at 7 so we just hung out for an hour after eating,” sophomore Bronwynn Bliss said. “I wish I would’ve made the reservation a little later so there wasn’t that awkward time in the middle.”  

While students wished it was earlier it wasn’t a deal breaker and the extra time was filled with friendly conversation and more picture taking. Over all the night was filled with fun memorable moments for anyone who attended SubDeb. Whether it was the first time or the last time students would be able to go to the dance they used SubDeb as a time to have fun with friends or take a chance on someone new making the night fun and enjoyable for anyone with an open mind and in the mood for a dance.

“It was so much fun, everything looked so great,” Nelson said.

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