Students should attend class

Kamryn Bussmann, Staff Writer

It may seem like a fun idea to skip class because school is “boring.”

Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve sent my fair share of texts begging my mother to sign me out. Looking at the bigger picture, it helps no one. Your teachers get annoyed by all the make-up work and you definitely do not want to do more work to raise your grade that’s already slipping because you’re not in class.

When you miss a lot of school, you miss a lot of information and work. It is very easy to get behind in classes especially for the students that take advanced classes because they move at a fast pace. Attending school improves your grades, thus improving your chances of going on to the next level, college.

Going along with the idea of  successfully getting to the next level of education, school helps with that in a major way. When attending class you learn a lot of life lessons. School helps with social skills and time management because you’re forced to interact with other students. In addition, you have a deadline and requirements to be met which helps with your future jobs. Also, you meet a lot of people at school, which is where you could potentially meet some of your best friends.

The only thing that isn’t the greatest about our education system is the way school is set up. The way the idea of school is dealt with is not good. They made school mimic the life of a factory worker. Back in the day that’s where the majority of jobs were. Nowadays that just isn’t a true statement, so there could be work done with that.

The term student-athlete is heard a lot not only in our school but most schools. This meaning that there are a lot of students that juggle extra curricular activities on top of school. There are a lot schools that implant a good grade rule with athletes. When a student-athlete or just someone that does a lot out of school gets behind in work not only does it makes it even more difficult to catch up, they also risk not playing for their team because of their grades.

The main reason students should continue to attend class and not skip is because it causes lots of stress for most people. When you get behind in work a lot of checklists get cluttered in your head, making it hard to know where to start to get back on track.