Goldstein Foundation Gathers Nominations

Ayden Boyles, Staff Writer

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The Goldstein Foundation’s first round of nominations for the award ended last Tuesday.

The foundation awards students and teachers for their contributions to the school both in academics and extracurricular activities.

“[The foundation’s main benefactor] wanted to do something special to acknowledge great teaching that occurs at Manhattan High School and also outstanding students whether they’re terrific performers academically some place, or even students that just made tremendous progress in some facet of school life,” Greg Hoyt, Manhattan High building principal, said.

This process is very humbling to the students and teachers who receive the award.

“[Teachers feel] just how humbling it is to be acknowledged and the students feel the same way,” Hoyt said. “… they’re very appreciative that they’re receiving some type of recognition that is internally very meaningful to them. Not so much the outward, but just the inward feel good about, oh my gosh someone feels this way about me.”

Getting to tell students and about the award they received makes Hoyt very happy.

“I get the opportunity to call the student down in my office, and … read to them what was said about them, and present them with their award. And that is like the highlight of my day, my week, my month, my year, semester and it’s just a great opportunity for me personally,” Hoyt explained.

To make future nominations, you can go to, click on community resources, then click on Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Foundation, download the nomination form, fill it out, and then email it to [email protected], or send in the nomination to P.O. Box 191, Manhattan, KS 66505.

The next nomination period will be in December.


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