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Artist of the Week

File photo by Hailey Eilert

File photo by Hailey Eilert

File photo by Hailey Eilert

Makenna Wollenberg, Staff Photographer

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Allen Zhang




What got you into orchestra?

“We had a program at my old elementary school and so I joined through that.”


Why are you so passionate about your music?

“I think the reason is because it is a form of communication that we can use to express our internal emotions.”


Do you want to continue music after high school?

“Yes, definitely.”


What is your role in orchestra?

“I am Concertmaster.”


What do you do as a Concertmaster?

“I have to keep the orchestra together and in one direction.”


On the orchestra tour Zhang had the chance to play with Kansas Wesleyan Orchestra at different venues. Zhang has also participated in a student program by Carnegie.


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