Thespian Kids Camp provides learning opportunity for area youth

Kaitlin Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

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E Hall saw everything from ghosts to paperboys this week as Thespian Troupe 941 hosted their annual kids camp and continued rehearsing for the upcoming fall musical, “Newsies.”

The Thespians’ busy week began as Manhattan High was home to some spooky sights on Friday as kids participated in the Halloween-themed kids camp day. The event was created in an effort to teach younger children about the elements of theatre including lights, props, sound and costumes. Participants completed a series of stations while they were lead through the scripted mystery of the ghosts Fred and Ophelia, who Thespians often jokingly make reference to as the ghosts of Rezac Auditorium.

Thespian volunteers felt that the kids had truly enjoyed their experience at MHS.

“I think the kids really enjoyed it and had a day of fun that they will want to come back to,” Thespian representative Tess Garvin, senior, said.

Garvin currently serves as the Thespian Senior Representative on the Thespian board.

After completing the stations and storyline, kids were taught a dance to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” by the Thespian musical dance group, which they performed for a parental crowd.

“My favorite part was really at the very end when all of the kids had learned their dance and performed for their parents,” senior Marlena Hummel said. “They were all really excited too and the parents really enjoyed it.”

As the Thespian president, Hummel organized the event, delegating tasks to other members of the officer board and working on the script for the kids’ ghost hunting adventure.

The event, while enjoyable for many of the volunteers, was bittersweet for some senior members of the troupe.

“I think having the kids here is great,” treasurer Ryane Hoffman, senior, said. “It’s great to teach younger people about theatre and get more people involved because even though I’ll be gone, it’ll be nice to know that I at least had an impact on the future generations that help here…”

It was a busy week for the troupe as they continued rehearsing for the fall musical “Newsies.” As they prepare for dress rehearsal week, most cast members are tired from long rehearsal hours and finishing choreography, but the group as a whole is still looking forward to their upcoming Nov. 4, 6, 8 and 10.

“The cast morale this year is insane,” Hummel said. “We’re all super excited.”

Cast members continue to encourage each other as the curtain prepares to open on their biggest performances of the year. While dancing, singing and acting may be seen as difficult, they enjoy the opportunity to do what they love with others who share their passion.

“I’m just looking forward to putting on another musical,” Hoffman said. “They’re always fun, and I am proud of my fellow castmates. They’re doing exceptional.”

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