Parents should be treated with respect

Madison Ritz, Staff Writer

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At some point we’ve all treated out parents horribly, whether it was intentional or not. Your parents aren’t here forever, so make every second of time with them last, and cherish it. With that being said, treat your parents with respect, they’ll absolutely enjoy how much nicer you treat them.

My parents left Manhattan to attend a wedding in Bonner Springs on Nov. 2. I still had to attend school and work concessions stands on Friday, so I stayed home while they attended the wedding. After I got done working concession stands at Bishop, I wanted to drive home. Before the game, Kimball Avenue wasn’t blocked off but after the game ended, Kimball Ave. had me detour to College Avenue. I wasn’t familiar with the middle of K-State in the dark. I continued to drive forward and I ended up getting lost. I pulled over and texted my mom telling her I was lost and had no clue where I was. I started to freak out. My dad called me and proceeded to direct me while on the phone, even while not being in Manhattan at the time. He did it so calmly that I drove home without stress and anxiety. Your parents are willing to be there for you, even when they’re not in the same city.

Your parents are there for you no matter what. Sometimes your parents notice something wrong, and know it’d be best if that’d change. For example, say you’re giving your parent an attitude because you had something bad happen to you at school that day. You parent would like you to change your attitude so that you’re not projecting your mood onto someone else, ruining their day, too. Your parents are with you through the good and bad moments of your life. They have an open ear and are willing to listen to anything you want to say to them.

Your parents have probably made some of the same mistakes as you. So listen to them, they might have some good advice on what to do next time or what not to do. As much as you hate to admit it, your parents are right about 99 percent of the time. They know what’s best and are willing to show you what’s right and wrong.

Unless you live alone by yourself, everyone either has a parent or guardian raising you. They have no choice but to raise you to who you’ll become in the future or even who you are right now. Most of us can agree your parents have invested their time, money, effort, love and patience into raising you to this day. Your parents won’t ever give up on raising you, so don’t give up on them. They’re trying their hardest to make sure you have the most successful future ahead of you. They’re also sacrificing everything they have to make sure you’re happy, and to make sure you’re loved.

Start off by sharing something like a compliment toward them at the beginning or the end of the day. They’ll be so glad you said something nice and it’ll make their days so much better. If they had a bad day, even something small like “I love you” would absolutely make their day. We know inside, we want our parents to be proud of us at all costs, so be proud of them too, they’re the ones helping you get through your life.

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