Alonso leaves legacy of success and perseverance


Photo by Jennifer Sadler

Head coach Frank Alonso walks along the field with senior Jack Easton during the Varsity boys Senior night soccer game.

Kaitlin Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

Manhattan High head soccer coach Frank Alonso passed away Sunday morning at the age of 52 after his battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Alonso leaves behind a legacy of working with the Manhattan Indians boys soccer team for 19 years, 13 of which he spent as the head coach. Along the way, he touched the lives of his players.

“He loved us and we loved him,” former player Lane Religa said in a written statement.

Alonso had a background in soccer, playing professionally for the Brentford Football Club outside of London, England. He received his Masters degree in Sports Administration from Kansas State University. Alonso was a well-liked and skilled coach, even earning a National B License from the United States Soccer Federation. He leaves behind both his family and the family of players he has brought together over the years.

“During the games he loved to complain about the calls I made,” senior Michael Turnley said in a written statement, “and every time he said something I would turn back and see his usually huge grin.