Athlete of the Week: soccer’s Weins

Kris Long, Staff Writer

Carter Weins, junior


What inspired you to become an athlete?

“I always played soccer my whole life, both my parents played many different sports and that’s what I grew up doing and I fell in love with soccer and I’ve kept playing it throughout the years.”

What about soccer was so special?

“I always really enjoyed playing it and my dad used to play I always looked up to that.”

What challenges have you faced this season?

“We had a hard time with Frank and everything he went though. We had a few though games.”

What goals did you have for this season?

“I think the goal was to win the state championship.”

Next season?

“Next season is the same we can go back to state and try to bring home the trophy.”

How do you feel about not making your goal for this season?

“In a way I think we still made our goal, we were all happy that we went back to state, We were the third team ever in MHS history to go to state, getting second place is I think a big accomplishment for us, we were disappointed we didn’t get the trophy, we didn’t win the championship but I think we can all look back at it and look at it as a positive.”

Can you give an overall statement of this season?

“I loved playing with the boys – every day of it- and practicing every day. We fought together we won together.”