Jostens vists sophomores about class rings

Jennifer Sadler, Staff Photographer

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It’s the time of year again for students to order class rings. Every year, representatives from Jostens, a company primarily known for creating customized class rings and other apparel, visits with the sophomore class of Manhattan High. They discuss what items students can order for their senior year. The sophomore meeting took place on Oct. 24 during Advisory and was led by Jeff Heline, a Jostens sales representative.

“I thought [the meeting] was really well delivered and informative,” sophomore Carrie Cave said. “He really got his point across.”

Jostens has been supplying both high school and college students with high-quality rings, for over 120 years. They are the primary supplier of Super Bowl rings as well as many other college and professional championship rings.

To many of the students, class rings are an important accessory to help keep high school memories alive and close to them.

“Many great things in my life have started here at our school and will soon end during my time here and I wanted something to remember it by when we all go our separate ways,” Cave said.

Ordering class rings is completely optional and students do not have to order them.

“I ordered a class ring mostly because of my parents,” sophomore Mario Caycedo said. “I felt indifferent about it at first, but they encouraged me to buy one because they regret not buying one for themselves.”

Students have over 100 types of rings to choose from when ordering, as well as choosing personalized details to add on. Many students add the emblems of their favorite sports and extracurricular activities that they participated in during their time here.

“I really like mine,” sophomore Sam Erker said. “I added some stuff that is really close to me so I know that I’m going to enjoy it for years to come.”

To students, there are numerous reasons why a class ring can be important to them.

“I think they are important for student individuality,” Cave said. “They represent who you are and who you are growing to be. They symbolize our journey during this big time of our lives and I think it’s important to remember.”

Over 100 students here at MHS had ordered a class ring for their senior year. Many students are eagerly excited to receive their class ring this December and upcoming March.

“They’re all part of the high school experience and I am really happy with how mine represents me,” Cave said. “I think it’s awesome that something like this exists for students, I really do.”

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