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Artist of the Week

Makenna Wollenburg, Staff Photographer

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Finn Huslig, Senior



What got you into performing?

Ever since I was really young I have been singing and dancing. I use to do the plays and musicals at the Performing Arts Center when I was younger and since then I have been doing everyone I had the opportunity to be in.

What is your favorite part about performing?

I really love getting to be someone else for however long the play or musical lasts. Going into this new world. This show [“Newsies”] for example,  1899, completely different from 2018. Having the New York accent and just becoming a completely different person for two hours is a really fun thing to do.

What part do you play in the play Newsies?

I play Jack Kelly. He is a 17-year-old kid who is an orphan and he is kind of the leader of the group of boys that hand out newspapers every day in New York and he kind of leads that group through the day to day process.

How many plays have you been in since you started high school?

All four of the shows since my freshman to senior year and I have done about three over the summers.

Will you stay in performing after high school?

I definitely would love to. Performing is a really important part of my life and being able to take my creativity and make something out of it is really important to me. So I would love to make some type of carrier out of performing, whether it is acting or singing.

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