Music students audition for KMEA

Ayden Boyles, Staff Writer

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Students in orchestra, band and choir went to Junction City on Saturday for Kansas Music Educators Association regional auditions. These auditions are the deciding factor for students to be a part of their regional music group. If accepted into the region’s group, students will then have the opportunity to audition for the All-State music group.

“I like to see as many kids try out as possible, because practicing that music makes them better, because the audition music is pretty difficult,” Nate McClendon, MHS Orchestra Director said.

McClendon also expressed that the whole auditioning process is really good for students to experience.

“I think it’s kind of character building, but it helps them with stage fright, and just to build them as people,” McClendon said. “So my goal is to have as many students audition as possible, whether or not they make it in.”

There are ways for students to have a better chance at making it into their regional group, according to Matthew Pickering, the audition material is available on KMEA’s website about a year ahead of the audition date, so you can start practicing early. Pickering hopes that practicing early will help him move up in the All-State orchestra.

“I was fourth chair in the All-State group last year and I didn’t practice the music a lot for that, so this year I hope to be able to hopefully get first chair on the All-State group this year,” Pickering said.

Results are expected to come out later this week.


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