Boys Varsity soccer beats program history record

Kris Long, Staff Writer

Boys Varsity soccer slaughtered Seaman 9-1 at Bishop on Tuesday night, breaking the program history record for goals scored against Seaman.

The first goal came just after the whistle, in the third minute Manhattan High put the ball in Seaman’s box and made a shot. It was deflected and landed directly in front of Hunter French, Junior, and Varsity starting forward, who shot it right down the middle and into the net.

Two minutes later, Max Lansdowne, starting Forward and Varsity captain, outran a defender with an outstanding show of pace and won the ball. He then ran down the left side and switched to his right foot before shooting it into the right corner to make it 2-0 in just the first five minutes. Not a great start for Seaman.

In the seventh minute, the third goal came, put in again by French who received his assist from Carter Wiens, Junior and starting midfielder. A brace for French in the first ten minutes.

In the tenth Lansdowne scored, MHS built up from the right side and Lansdowne ran down the middle of the field and shot it past the keeper.

Directly after kick off MHS built up another goal. Mitch Hutchison, Senior and starting forward, put a pass into Wiens who scored. In the 15th minute, Connor Turner, Sophomore and forward, put one in the back of the net with an assist from Roberto Maysonet Perez, the Junior forward.

The last goal of the half went to Cole Schmitt, Sophomore and starting midfielder. MHS built up in the center field and Cole Schmitt got the ball just outside and to the right of the box. He shot it over the defense and curled it into the left corner, 7-0 at the half.

At the beginning of the second half Seaman stole Manhattan’s clean sheet with a strong strike into the left corner, there was not much the keeper could do.

“I would love to have a clean sheet… disappointed may not be the right word,” Seth Yurgel, assistant coach, said. “I’m upset about it for me and for my goalies because I know how hard they work and how hard I push them that it’s sad to see that they lose a clean sheet like that.”

MHS came back with another goal by Lansdowne, Seaman gave up the ball in midfield and Lansdowne ran straight through the Seaman defence and struck it into the left corner, giving him a hat trick. In the 64th Seaman had a red card. The referee gave a yellow card to a Seaman player for a reckless tackle, he attempted to dispute the call and got sent off for swearing, leaving Seaman with ten men. Directly after that, Manhattan built up in midfield and made a deep cross to Lansdowne who scored.

In the 71st minute, Parker Holborn, a Senior forward, sustained an injury in an accidental collision which caused Holborn to fall onto the track beside the soccer field. It appears that his wrist was either jammed or broken, it is unclear whether he will play the next game.

The game concluded at  9-0. “It was a little better than we were expecting, we normally beat them, we just don’t beat them by that much,” Lansdowne said.

Manhattan plays their long-time rivals for the league championship, Washburn Rural, next away on Thursday, Sept. 20, at 6:15 p.m. (After this story was written, the Boys Varsity soccer team lost to Washburn Rural 2-3.)