MHS soccer sweeps Hayden 10-0 on Tuesday

Kris Long, Staff Writer

Manhattan High Varsity boys soccer thrashed Hayden High 10-0 in the game on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The game started off with a goal from Hunter French, junior and starting forward, in the first seconds of the game after kick-off. Carter Wiens, junior starting midfielder, gave the assist and the Hayden defense just watched as French took the left-footed shot into the right corner.

In the fifth minute, Max Lansdowne, senior starting forward, scored from another Wiens assist. The goal was built up in midfield before Lansdowne shot from the right of the box into the bottom left corner.

One minute later, Mitch Hutchinson, senior starting forward, scored from an assist by Cole Schmitt, sophomore and starting midfielder. Schmitt won the ball just outside the box then dribbled around the Hayden defenders before passing it to Hutchinson, who was wide open in the middle of Hayden’s box, put it in the middle of the goal.

The next goal was in the twelfth minute by Parker Holborn, senior and starting forward, with an assist by Michael Turnley, also a senior and starting forward. Turnley attempted a header but the pass was too low so it bounced off his chest and into the feet of Holborn who finished it.

Schmitt scored in the fifteenth minute with an assist from Lansdowne. The goal was again built up around midfield, Lansdowne won the ball on a throw-in and dribbled it down-field and passed it to Schmitt who put it in the top of the net.

In the twenty-fifth minute, MHS got a free kick about thirty yards from the goal because of a rough tackle by the Hayden defense. Wiens took the shot and nailed it in the back of the goal directly off the free kick. In the thirty-fifth minute, French scored with yet another assist from Wiens. Wiens passed it to French who went to shoot with his left leg but instead pulled the ball back behind him and shot with his right foot, confusing Hayden defenders, into the middle of the goal, 7-0 at the half.

Just after the half, Lansdowne scored his second goal from a Wiens assist, his fourth in the game. Wiens put in a deep cross to Lansdowne and there was mix up between the Hayden goalie and defender, resulting in the defender not coming upfield, leaving the goalie in a one on one with Lansdowne. Lansdowne chipped the ball over the goalie and followed it up to put it in the top left corner. French made his hat-trick in the sixty-fourth minute with a cross from Hutchinson which he put in the top right corner.

The last goal of the game went to Lansdowne. French put a long diagonal pass down the field which Lansdowne received. He ran past a few Hayden defenders and put the ball down the left side, it hit the post and went in. Even though it was only the sixty-fifth minute, the game was called at a 10-0 lead for Manhattan.

“In the last four years we’ve done pretty well [against Hayden],” Lansdowne said. “We usually get the 10 goals against them.”