MHS JV soccer takes home a win against Emporia Spartans

Gavin Gaston, Staff Writer

The Manhattan Indians Junior Varsity soccer team faced against the Emporia Spartans Oct. 6, beating them 3-2.

By the first half, Manhattan and Emporia were tied up in the last 10 minutes, by 2-2. This stayed that way until Max Lansdowne scores the winning goal, making the score 3-2.

“That moment was spectacular,” head coach Frank Alonso. “That single shot was one of the best I’ve seen.”

Alonso was very pleased with how the game turned out.

“Seeing as how as how much of the game was a tie, this was quite a way to break it,” he said.

One of the many things Alonso wishes to see is lots of teamwork and coordination.

“One of the main goals we wish to see is seeing our players playing hard, but also having a good time as well,” Alonso said.

“It’s just fun to go out and be a part of a great team and compete,” Lansdowne said. “The team played well and I felt we did really good.”

The next game will be Oct. 9 against Wichita Northwest. You can follow live update from the Manhattan Indians Twitter account, @MHSIndiansSoccer.