Moving ninth graders to West Campus easier, convenient

Hannah Le, Staff Writer

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After the 2018 USD 383 bond referendum was approved on Nov. 6 through the midterm elections, questions have risen as to what the money USD 383 is receiving will be used for.

Plans have been made to move sixth graders to Anthony Middle School and Eisenhower Middle School, to move ninth graders from East Campus to West Campus, and to expand the parking lots and tennis courts at West Campus. But is moving the ninth graders really a good idea?

I believe moving ninth graders to West Campus is a good opportunity for all students to learn how to cooperate together and treat each other as equals without any feelings of seniority. Inconveniences for ninth graders getting to classes also wouldn’t be a worry.

As a ninth grader who ends her day at West Campus, if I miss some of my morning classes, getting the work I missed for those classes are a burden. I would have to go during lunch if I even am there for it, or hope a teacher for one of my classes before seventh hour will let me go see my other teachers. Although many teachers use online class organization websites such as Canvas or Edmodo, not all students can access these websites, and I have found that many teachers don’t inform the students of what goes on during class or don’t give the link to the online copies of worksheets that they would need.

Taking buses to and from campuses to transport hundreds of students isn’t cheap or efficient. It causes students to miss five to 10 minutes of class, and puts pressure on them to get to class as quick as possible. Ninth graders arriving back from a class at another campus would either miss directions at the beginning of class, or the teacher would have to hold back their class and wait until the students arrive. These problems wouldn’t be an issue if the move happened.

Whatever path you plan to take after high school, instances will occur where you have to collaborate with others much older or younger than yourself. And being afraid to speak out your ideas because you believe the other is wiser and has better ideas than yourself is just as bad as rejecting and not listening to someone’s ideas because you feel superior to them. Learning and maturing together would make our school more united and increase our teamwork.

It would be more suitable and convenient for ninth graders to be moved to West Campus as they could get to classes easier, be encouraged to take more advanced classes, and join more clubs. All the students would be forced in an environment where they have to work and learn with students of all ages.

For the students that this move affects, be welcoming to each other. There may be a three or four age gap, but at the end of the day, you are all Manhattan High School students.

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Moving ninth graders to West Campus easier, convenient