StuCo prepares for Club Feast

Kaitlin Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

Manhattan High’s Student Council has had a busy year, and as the first semester draws to a close, they are still putting their all into their work as they prepare for the annual Club Feast.

StuCo invites the clubs of MHS to come together tonight at 6 p.m. for a potluck-style dinner and play games together. This year, sophomore StuCo members, who organize the event, have planned to make it safari-themed through their decorations, which have been the focus of their planning so far.

“It’s been really fun,” sophomore class representative Faith Beyer, sophomore, said. “I love planning stuff so being able to like be a part of it is really good.”

According to Beyer, she has heard from other StuCo members that Club Feast has had a small turnout in past years. This year, they hope to make it a bigger event with more clubs in attendance.

“I think this year we’re going to try and get it more like publicized and out there and so it’ll be better,” Beyer said.

StuCo wants Club Feast to be an event that brings clubs together. Even though the event itself has not yet happened, StuCo members are already starting to feel that unity that they hope to bring.

“I don’t really talk to the freshmen a lot…I just get to talk to them more often than what I would usually and that’s pretty nice to get to know them through Club Feast,” sophomore class president Mia Thompson, sophomore, said.

All clubs that have received invitations are encouraged to attend. Club Feast will be hosted at West Campus at 6 p.m. tonight.

“I feel like Club Feast is like a nice thing for people to get together and get to know each other and just like have games and have a good time,” Thompson said.