Intramurals spark excitement

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

As basketball season comes up for many high school students, some get ready for a different kind of basketball: intramurals.

Intramurals are a fun way for anyone to play basketball. The games are only played on half of the court and with three players at a time for each team. Both boys and girls can have teams but they do not play each other. There is even a tournament to end the season to figure out which team is the best.

Many people are excited to play in the games because it gives students a chance to just let loose and have fun while playing competitively. Another thing that fuels the positive energy during the games is the rivalries.

Seniors Parker Holborn is excited to play with and against his friends for the last year.

“We really look forward to playing [senior] Dylan Haar’s team, which is like who we consider our rivals,” Holborn said.

One final thing that motivates kids to sign up for intramurals are the names. Team names are typically funny and lighthearted. What’s even better than the names themselves are the stories behind them. There are all kinds of names from “Thot Patrol” and  “Flyin’ Hawaiians” which have been passed down from year to year to “Space Jam 3.”

“Well ‘Space Jam 2’ with Lebron James was announced this year,” junior Collin Devane said. “We thought that we’d be so good we’d be the next Space Jam inspiration.”

The upcoming season has many students excited and ready to face each other in a fun way on the basketball court. Anyone is welcome to go watch the games and teams can even add players or change them throughout the season. The games started right after Thanksgiving break just like the normal basketball season.

“It just seems a lot more fun,” senior Andrew Suh said. “It‘s pretty exciting to play against our other friends for the last time.”