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Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

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Zane Kohl

Boys Dive


What inspired you to become an athlete?

I started doing gymnastics when I was in Kindergarten and my P.E. teacher noticed my talent from very early. He started recruiting me in Kindergarten to join the high school diving team. Since Kindergarten, I’ve done sports all my life and going to practice after practice after school has just become a necessity for me. It gives me something to do and I’m very competitive so it’s an outlet for many things. I love to push limits and do dangerous stuff so when I started diving, it allowed me to do just that.

What expectations do you have for the season?

Three and a half on the one meter boards. I also want to push Zeke, my brother who is a first-year diver, so that he might qualify for state. I expect to be the state champion. Aside from that goal, I only want one new dive that I’ve been after all four years and that is a front E.

How has being a senior leader affected you so far?

I feel a bit more pressured to do well, but I consider that a good thing. I push myself to make sure I am as good as I can be and better because no one else will be able to score the team points like I can. It used to be Carter Nelson or some other older kids, but now, being a senior, I have to be good and that’s good pressure. Additionally, when I give advice to Zeke or Sam [Erker], the other two younger divers, it helps me realize my flaws too.

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