Artist of the Week


Photo by Makenna Wollenberg

Junior Abbey Shaneyfelt as she works on her newest art piece.

Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

Abbey Shaneyfelt

Stained Glass, Jewelry 


What got you into art?

“I think I have always had an interest in art I suppose, not necessarily 2-D I have always done unconventional mediums. My sister did jewelry and I saw that she got to do a glass suncatcher and it was cool to me. Then freshman year I signed up and I loved it so I kept with it.”

What is your favorite type of art?

“I really like working with glass probably because it is not something I have gotten to try outside of school. It is just kind of hard to do at home.”

What art classes do you participate in outside of school and in school?

I’m not in any others in school right now. I did do photography and I still do it outside of school. I do embroidery and macaramé. I also do stamp making, just a lot of weird stuff but just not in classes.”

What made you want to get into art that most people don’t know of?

“I just like working with my hands and I have never been great with painting or drawing so working with 3-D art has just been a really great way for me to be able to create stuff.”

Is there anyone who has inspired you to keep going with your art?

“Probably Mrs. [Sonda] Copeland just because whenever I hate a piece [or] I don’t know what I’m doing, [she] tells me to either do this or helps me accept it.”

What is your favorite type of jewelry to make?

“Probably necklaces just because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but when I create stuff I might actually wear it is a perk that I get to use it.”

Do you sell your jewelry?

“I don’t. A lot of time and effort goes into making jewelry. It would probably be kind of expensive to sell and I can’t make it outside of school.”