Student excels in stained glass


Hannah Heger, Features Editor

Seeing her older brother work on metalwork for his art class inspired junior Marin Poulson to join jewelry as an art class. Since then Poulson has also learned about working with stained glass.

“[Stained glass] is very beautiful. But it’s also been around for a long time,” Poulson said. ”It’s kind of an old form of art that it’s not very popular anymore.”

Poulson enjoys the whole design process of stained glass.

“I’ve never been very good at drawing,” Poulson said. “I’m better at [3D art] and then with stained glass. I never get tired of any of the steps.”

To make stained glass art you have to design your piece and figure out the colors of the glass. Next you cut and shape the glass to get the glass to fit close to each other.

“I like coming up with the ideas and then figuring out how to make them and then seeing them like when they’re done,” Poulson said.

Poulson plans on being able to open her own stained glass business.

“I think people should try it. It’s something new and something different and it’s… made me really happy… it’s my favorite class during the day everybody [as well as] for the people that I talk with during the class,” Poulson said. “We all look forward to it. And I think people should try [even if it] it seems really scary, especially in the jewelry class, but it’s actually not that bad.