Manhattan High gets a little more international with summer trips

Gavin Gaston, Staff Writer

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Manhattan High is no stranger to being international. Students from multiple countries come to this school every year, and, every so often, students and teachers get to go to these countries, or other countries around the world.

One such trip was one to Greece and Italy, which students went to both countries in one trip, was hosted by Andrew Farmer. The trip took place during the summer of 2018, and the group was taken to many different places.

“We went to Rome, Florence, Matera, Athens, and The Greek Islands,” said Farmer. The trip lasted about 2 weeks, mand the group consisted of two high schools, Manhattan High and Salina Central High School. Many of the places they went to included the Colosseum, The First Civilization, The Acropolis, and ventured some of the caves in the area.

More current trips coming up include multiple countries. There are currently a total of three different trips, with all three of them being in Europe. Jancy Radke is hosting two trips to central Europe, one of which is a trip to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, and another to England, France, and Scotland, in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Lindsy Clark is hosting a trip to Spain in 2020. Her trip will include going to parts of Spain and Portugal. Clark also hosted 2 trips before this, with one of the trips going to Panama and Costa Rica.

“It was mainly just an ecological, adventure trip,” said Clark, “We didn’t visit anywhere, in particular, we just toured the countries and explored the ecosystems.”

There are still spots available on the Spain trip, and if you are interested in joining the group, see Lindsy Clark in room E118. The trip will last approximately 11-14 days, and the group will see and do many cultural things associated with the country.

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