Manhattan High prepares for finals week

Kris Long and Kaitlin Clark, Junior News Editor and Editor in Chief

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With finals coming up students are working harder than ever to cram as much knowledge into their brains as they possibly can before the big tests.

Most people have finals in almost all of their classes, creating a studying frenzy. This combined with catching up with the end of the semester workload can make for a chaotic last week. This is especially so for freshmen, who are taking their high school finals for the first time this week.

Studying for multiple tests in one week will always be stressful, but there are things students can do to help themselves carry the heavy load.

“[I have a final in] English, Geometry but I already took it, Biology, History, and Spanish.” freshman Gillian Carter said.

in Students deal with the stress in many different ways with one of the most common being to study. There are many different options for studying.

“I use quizlet…I do flashcards, I view…all my notes, rewrite definitions… and then quiz myself. Sometimes I make practice tests… and take notes,” Carter said.

Other students use more contemporary methods.

“For Trig and Spanish I’m going to go over the reviews I have and I’m doing some practice problems,” freshman Sam DeLong said, “and praying to whatever higher being there may be.”

Students often choose to study in more entertaining places after school, such as coffee shops, the library or at a restaurant.

“I get together with friends and we study at Panera,” junior Allie Conrow said.

Students often use a combination of several studying techniques in order to best prepare for the finals they face.

“I am going to make flash cards for my English class and and make a quiz for my documents processing class and math,” freshman Marcus Ellner said.

As students prepare to take their finals, they face a variety of emotions, but through them all, they strive to do the best that they can.

“I hate [finals],” Carter said. “They stress me out, I’m scared…”

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