Do we really need finals?

Heidi Hansen, Staff Writer

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The dreaded finals. Students work hard all semester taking tests and stressing over last-minute homework just to take a huge test that could make or break your grade. Finals bring on unwanted stress, and to be honest, no one wants to study over their entire weekend. Students already take standardized tests during the semester to let their teacher know whether or not they are learning the material. There is no point in having a final, for teachers already know the progress of their students. For example, if you have an A or a B in the class, there’s a likely chance that you will do well on the final because you have done well on previous tests. The teacher knows you know the material, but they still give you a test that goes over it. If you have a C or lower, there might be a less likely chance of you getting a good grade on the final compared to others. So basically, the final is setting you up to fail. If you didn’t know the material then, how could you figure it all out in a week? Finals benefit the students who did well on the standardized tests, but does not benefit anyone else.

Another reason we shouldn’t have finals is that students study just to pass the test, and once the relief of the test being over kicks in, they forget all about what they studied. Finals contradict the purpose of school. You are supposed to expand your knowledge of subjects throughout school, and a final ruins that. Students come back after break not remembering half of what they learned because they wanted to get rid of the stress of the final.

To go along with that, students who didn’t do well on the final are now annoyed and have low self- esteem. They probably won’t want to try as hard in school anymore, making their grades even worse. It’s a never-ending cycle if that happens to you.

Some students might do poorly on the final simply because they have a phobia of tests. They get so stressed and simply can’t think or remember anything, which does not help their case.

Overall, finals are pointless for students. It causes stress, anxiety, and annoyance. Students forget everything in the end, and teachers already know who knows the material. Finals should not be given to students.

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