Medical Explorers trips provide new experiences for students

Naysa Hicks, Junior Photo Editor

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Manhattan High has a variety of unique clubs, but not many of them include the intensive hands-on experience that help students determine if a career is truly for them.The Medical Explorers Club provides students with an interest in learning more about medical topics the opportunity to get a better picture of what that entails.

Although their latest meeting, which was scheduled for Dec 6 was cancelled, the Medical Explorers have met with several professionals and had several club meetings.

Chalice Carter, a sophomore that is one of the club members of Medical Explorers, discussed the very first meeting that she went to and what has happened throughout this year.

“[The group] first went over what is going to be happening, and how they would either bring medical professionals…and how we would take trips and talk about their job and how they got to be in that job”. Carter said.

Craig Ackerman, the sponsor for Medical Explorers, has been with the club for three years Ackerman talked about some of the things that they have done this school year, including visits with a pediatric oncologist that specializes in bone marrow transplants, a radiology technician and a nurse. Ackerman took the students on a tour at K-State Vet school at 4:15pm Thursday, December 6th. They have also had a pediatrician, dentist and several internal medicine doctors in the past.

“We are going to get a psychiatrist and hopefully a surgeon again this year,” Ackerman said.

Ackerman hopes that students have truly gained something from the activities they have participated in with Medical Explorers.

“I think just in general I hope they enjoy the opportunity to hear from people and their personal experiences and what it is they do.”

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