Swim and Dive takes first at home meet

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Swim and Dive takes first at home meet

Photo by Oliva Haas

Photo by Oliva Haas

Photo by Oliva Haas

Photo by Oliva Haas

Anika Nyp, Junior Online Editor-In-Chief

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For the first time this season the Manhattan High swim and dive team has taken first place.

Their swim meet at 3:30 p.m. last Wednesday at the Kansas State Natatorium was a lot smoother running and had almost no mishaps.

“I think we all showed up at each and every event not just physically but mentally as well,” senior captain Zach Payne said. “We knew we were going to beat them we had that in our head that was our goal and we were determined to beat them and I think that really drove us to winning.”

Although the team has been working hard to ensure success, they aren’t too worried about whether or not they will keep it.  

“I was happy with places mostly and that we were finishing where we were seeded,” Alex Brown, coach said. “I don’t get super concerned about times at this point in the season because we are starting to get into hard workouts and times aren’t necessarily going to be really fast.

Freshman Zeke Kohl got second in diving with a total of 250.40 points. Senior Zane Kohl got forth place and sophomore Sam Erker got eighth place. The swim team won with 469 points.

Most of the team members had no doubt they were going to win.

“We went out there knowing we had a chance to get first so I think that good mindset of if you work hard we can get this,” sophomore Sean Anderson said.

The 200 medley, 200 free and the 400 free relays all won first out of the 5 teams there.

“The ones I was most impressed with had to say the 400 relays at the end,” Brown said. “I was happy with the five of the [teams] but I think all five did really well and placed ahead of where they’re supposed to.”

Their win comes through a lot of hard earned effort along with added improvement through faster times and bigger lead margins.

“It was nice to not be beat by one point like we have at a couple of meets so far,” Brown said. “I think they all enjoyed winning, especially by the margins we did in a meet that size. You don’t usually win by that much so I was definitely happy to see that. It makes it a little easier to finish up the meet and move onto the next day knowing that you have that win in your back pocket.”

Having that win added to their repertoire of success helps boost team morale.

“Yeah, it definitely was getting that first meet for the first time…,” Payne said. “It’s  good morale for the team and I think it’s like going to carry us a ways.”

The swim and dive team will not have another swim meet until Jan. 9 at the Kansas State Natatorium.

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