What is the purpose of physical education for students?

Coy Cavender, Staff Writer

Many students ask this question everyday. What purpose does physical education have when it comes to school? Well, there just happens to be a handful of things that are important when it comes to physical education in school. As many kids sit in there desks all school day and don’t have much physical activity, physical education can play a big role in a students day.

“Kids sit in their desks for the most part of the day and physical education offers them a break,” Kory Cool, physical education teacher, said.

Most of us know that physical activity is very important when it comes to our bodies, but some people simply refuse to do it. This is the main reason why physical education is important. Every student needs their exercise everyday in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce the morbidity and mortality from many chronic diseases,” an article from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said.

This backs up Cool’s statement: “physical education prevents an onset of diseases.”

When it comes to creating healthy habits for a student, exercise should not stop after you are done with school or even when you get much older. Staying healthy throughout your life is extremely important and physical education definitely attempts to teach you that and plenty of other things when it come to your body.

When it comes to preventing diseases, physical activity plays a big role. There has been a number of studies proving this. Overall, staying active and living a healthy lifestyle can go along ways.

Currently, physical education is teaching kids a lot of important things and is helping students maintain a healthy lifestyle. But not only should students be using these helpful tips right now, they should also use them in the future.

Manhattan High is one of the few schools that requires two physical education credits for graduation. As some kids are not happy about the fact that physical education is part of their day, many simply don’t realize how much of an impact it can have on a students life. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, physical education tips should be a good resource for you.

“Building healthy habits and creating a routine is important,” Cool said. “This isn’t something that when the semester is over or when the year is over that you can just stop. It needs to happen everyday of their life.”