Robotics Club Adds Their Own Spin To Orchestravaganza

Parker Dawdy, Staff Writer

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The Manhattan High School’s Robotics Club made a vividly colored turtle for the Orchestravaganza VI that took place on Dec. 12 and 13. The Robotics Club made this turtle on request of Nate McClendon because he wanted a prop for every song and he thought it’d be more interesting to have a robotic turtle instead of just another person in a costume.

“We got the details of what we needed to do the week before the concert, and finished it the Monday before the concert,” Robotics officer Seth Higgins said. “It was pretty easy, since it was pretty much just moving a piston from one spot to another.”

This remote controlled turtle was another way for MHS students to show off what they can do and an opportunity to give back to the community.  

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