Choir in preparations for Serenades

Jimmy Marshal, Junior Entertainment Editor

Every year at Manhattan High around this time of the year comes the annual winter choir serenades. These performances have groups consisting of members of the Manhattan High Choir sing songs of their own selections together on stage in front of their audience. This year’s winter choir serenades will be held on Jan. 14, and many choir students are already trying out their auditions. Around this time in December is ample time to begin plans for such an event. Many students looking to prepare take into consideration their subject matter.

The essential thing needed when forming a serenade is to select a song. Choosing a song can either depend on what your group wants, if you can find people willing to sing a specific song, or joining a group who is already singing a specific song.

“I’ve been preparing by looking through a certain number of songs that I know and pulling them out,” junior Nathian Paukstelis said.

The best course of action to take for song selection is to simply choose a song you would want to sing, rather than a song suggested to you.

Most of all, the important thing to do while preparing a serenade is to have fun, and be proud of your work as it progresses.

“It’s a way to show things that you are good of, and things that you are proud of,” senior Grace Franke said.