Intramurals lacking in participation

Aloera Ostermann, Blue M Visual Editor

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In the new year many intramural teams have had trouble showing up to their games. Out of the 32 teams, 10 of them have forfeited in the past two days of play. Jan. 7 was the first day back for the teams.

Even though the MHS basketball teams themselves were back some of the intramurals kids missed the memo. Yet not everyone did. Some even view the league as something serious.

“It’s just a  way to play school basketball without being on the team,” senior Logan Engelhorn said.

By Wednesday, the participation got a little bit better with only four teams missing their games.

With the teams being in the middle of their season there are a few in each league that everyone should watch out for.

In the Ball Fake league the Ball-a-holics are playing with a full head of steam. They won both games played so far by over 30 points.

Alley Oop has not only one but two teams to watch out for. The Flyin’ Hawaiians have won both their games by more than 10 and Dunks Unlimited won by 23. The L.A. Leakers have won by as much as 27 points.

Aside from that the two remaining leagues and their team standings have been left inconclusive. No team has actually played a game in the second half of the season so the only wins have been accomplished by forfeits.

The next games are to be played on this Wednesday with four more nights after that remaining until the tournament, which is scheduled for Feb. 4.

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