Artist of the Week


Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

Jose Santos Pacho 


Jazz Band


What got you interested in Jazz Band?

“In Spain I already played the guitar for a few years. When i found out there was a jazz band here (Manhattan High School) I just had to do it.”

Do you only play the guitar?

“Yes, that is all I play but I am wanting to learn the piano.”

What is your favorite part about being in jazz band?

“I have always played in just a group not a band. It is cool to play with a lot of people. You get to know new people and play great songs with them. We are closer than I thought we would be, we get to talk about other things that isn’t just the music.”

How is the experience at Manhattan High School different from Spain?

“It is cool in Spain because there are no bands. If you want to play a instrument you have to find a teacher that knows things about music. Here you can go to school everyday and have the class just for that.”