‘i’m so tired…’ worth playing on repeat

Madison Ritz, Staff Writer

Lauv and Troye Sivan came together and made a beautiful song called “i’m so tired…”. I almost cannot stop listening to this song on repeat.

I’ve been a fan of Lauv, and didn’t realize that he’d someday come together with another beautiful and inspiring artist, Troye Sivan. I’ve never paid attention to Troye before this song was released, but now that I’ve listened to this collaboration with them together I’ve been seeking attention towards Troye also.

With the song that was just released, Lauv and Troye teased the song quite a bit on social media.

For example, on Spotify, Troye and Lauv made a playlist called “i’m so tired…”. Their fans were curious why they made this playlist. Lauv and Troye then proceeded to post on both of their Instagram stories.

“I just made, for no reason at all, a playlist with my friend Troye Sivan of our favorite songs to sleep to,” Lauv said. “There’s nothing implied whatsoever.”

While Troye on the other hand also posted on his story.

“Literally for no reason at all, Lauv and I made that playlist,” Troye said. “It’s so random of us to do that.”

At 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Lauv teased the first few seconds of their new song, “i’m so tired…” with Lauv and Troye sitting on an old fashioned car.

At 8 a.m. on Thursday, Lauv and Troye released the song completely on YouTube and iTunes.

The song starts off with a simple beat just like he teased in his teaser. I’ve started to notice the more I listen to it, the more I could hear the same beat as his song, “Enemies.”

The song then follows with his lyric, “I’m so tired of love songs/just wanna go home,” which confused me because Lauv’s whole first album was about finding love in New York City, then losing them, and wanting them back.

Lauv was in a previous relationship with artist Julia Michaels. After the recent breakup, Lauv and Troye came together to write a song about being tired of love songs since it probably makes him remind himself of Julia.

While I’m looking at the background of the song, the song overall is a nice song to relax to. I’d probably put this song on repeat till I say “i’m so tired of listening to this song.” It’s that good of a song. I couldn’t be more happier to listen to this on repeat.