GSA ice skates for club bonding

Hannah Heger, Features Editor

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While Gay Straight Alliance for their shopping cart for the winter pep rally, the officers had set out to have fun as a club and go ice skating.

“We just wanted to have fun somewhere that wasn’t at the high school,” said Anya Wesely, President of GSA, said. “It was a lot of fun. We were all laughing and giggling.”

Even if club members couldn’t attend the after school activity it didn’t stop GSA from having a good time. “The photos were great, Mr. Livingston was there and it was just a lot of fun.” Wesley said.

But GSA has big plans for later this year. They hosting a fundraiser for a specialty water fountain that has a water bottle filler for the students at East Campus. Along with attending Pride to make up for not being able to attend last year, GSA hopes to introduce gender neutral restrooms at Manhattan High School.

With all these activities GSA is hoping to accomplish by the end of the year the officers are still hopeful for a successful school year.

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