‘Miss Bala,’ Suspenseful Excitement

Makenna Wollenburg, Assistant Photo Editor

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This review contains spoilers.

“Miss Bala” is a must see dramatic filled movie.

Gina Rodriguez, known as Gloria in the film is hit with a mission to protect her family. The actress plays a hopeful makeup artist who is visiting her best friend Suzu in Mexico. Gloria’s friend, Suzu is entering the Miss Baja competition. The two go to a nightclub to impress a wealthy man who always throws a huge party after the Miss Baja competition. Trouble occurs and Suzu goes missing and Gloria is kidnapped.

We follow Gloria through her struggle of escaping her kidnappers who have information about Suzu. Gloria’s kidnapper Lino leader of a drug cartel starts to fall for her early on in the movie as Gloria is plotting her escape by getting intouch with the police. During a plot to kill Lino by the police Gloria knows the police lied and she would have to play along with Lino and act like she is falling for him.  

Throughout the movie it has surprises around every corner. Including Gloria escaping the drug cartel but going back to her kidnapper Lino and her god-son knowing information about Gloria’s situation but not saying anything to anyone. This movie should have more credit than what the public is giving it. It is definitely a high-action well-written movie.

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