Super Bowl Halftime Show left fans unsatisfied

Riley Williamson, Staff Writer

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Going into the halftime show of Pepsi Super Bowl LIII, the Patriots were winning 3-0. As the crowd rushed the field, Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi prepared themselves to face the mass of people.  

With the stage in the shape of an M, Maroon 5 took the stage singing a song from their first album, “Harder to Breathe.” They continued on with a theme of their classics and sang “This Love” next.

Only two songs down from Maroon 5, Travis Scott came to the stage just after a video clip from Spongebob Squarepants introduced him.

Scott played “Sicko Mode” from his latest album with a flame-lit display. But this was the only song Scott got to play, because Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, took the stage again.

Maroon 5 picked right up from where they left off and sang another popular song, “Girls Like You,” with help from Voice of Atlanta, a choir/band.

As “She Will Be Loved” began from Maroon 5, the crowd released lanterns in the sky to spell out “One Love.” Some people wrote positive messages on the lanterns before they were let go.

Showing up in a car, Big Boi, native to Atlanta, immediately started rapping Outkast’s song “I Like the Way You Move.”

Levine joined Big Boi on the stage at the end of his performance to start singing his fifth song of the night, “Sugar.” The audience participated in tossing big lit up balls during this song.

For the final song of the night Maroon 5 ends with their song “Moves Like Jagger.” With an alternate rock and roll piece to the ending of the song sending the Mercedes Benz Stadium up in fireworks.

I think the songs Maroon 5, Scott and Big Boi chose to sing were excellent, although the performances and outfit choices from all three artists weren’t the best. The crowd seemed to enjoy the moment but it did not seem like Levine was having the best time.

Overall it was a mediocre concert that could have succeeded with minor fixes.


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