Forensics maxes state qualifications, anticipates state

Meredith Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

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The Manhattan High Forensics team has been busy the past few weeks, gaining 16 state qualifications out of a goal of 20, as well as gaining two separate “bids” for the national tournament at the Olathe North West tournament this past week.

The Olathe tournament featured 34 different schools from across Kansas and Missouri, supporting an overall total of 797 entries. Juniors Peyton Woods and Ivy Auletti competed in Duo-Interpretation again, becoming semifinalists, as well as winning one out of two combined bids to the National Tournament. Auletti went on to take third in oral interpretation, taking a single bid out of two. Junior Trinity Brockman was a semifinalist in both impromptu speaking and oral interpretation. Sophomore Kayla Lei was a semifinalist in Original Oratory.

“It was nice to be able to get new competition and harder competition, as well as including people from Missouri instead of just the same Kansas people,” Woods said. “ The size of the tournament alone made it really cool to be apart of but also kind of scary because there’s a ton of people.”

The team also went to Silver Lake on Friday and Saturday, taking third place overall.

Senior Jered Zhang took third in Lincoln Douglas debate and international extemporaneous speaking, where junior Tanya Singh took second in state qualified. Freshman Rilee Price took second in novice congress, followed by sophomore Kameron Maranville in third. Freshman Eszter Chikan took second and state qualified in program of oral interpretation.

Forensics will go on to host the Home Forensics Tournament March 8 and 9.


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