Artist of the Week


Photo by Makenna Wollenberg

Junior Briyona Wooten works on her poetry on a laptop.

Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

Briyona Wooten




How did you get into poetry?

“I think it was my eighth grade year. We were writing about superstitions and I totally got into the story and I haven’t stopped since.”


What made you want to start sharing your poetry online?

“A lot of people told me that my poetry could shape a lot of lives and change a lot of lives because I don’t write about the superficial stuff. I like writing about the real stuff, the part that society doesn’t want to hear about. That’s what I choose to write about, so I post it on places where people seem to enjoy it.”


Why did you want to sign up for the poetry slam?

“I did it freshman year, last year I couldn’t because I was focused on myself. This year I did it because I have never done a slam poem before. I really just wanted to try it out and see what happens.”


How does poetry help you?

“It is my biggest coping skill. I have self-harmed for three years and  [poetry is] just what I do to cope with the emotions that I keep inside.”


Do you have any inspiration to keep writing?

I want to make it a career in the future, inspiring other people to do what they want. People always tell me that writings not a good career but I’m going to make it a good carer.”